What to do in the garden in winter

February 10, 2023

Spring is almost on the horizon. Start now for a glorious garden in 2023.

Even the CJs team sometimes get discouraged about our own the garden when winter is in full swing and all we can see is a messy, waterlogged or frozen mess. 

But don’t despair as Claire recently discovered – there is still plenty that you can do!

If like us, you take pride in your garden and want it to look its best then check out my list of jobs you can do even during the depths of winter - from clearing dead leaves to improving drainage, with a few tips thrown in for good measure.

Clear remaining dead leaves from borders

When winter sets in it can be impossible to keep on top of fallen leaves. Now is a great time to give your borders some extra TLC by removing any stragglers that may be lingering around. 

Remove any debris from plants that finished flowering last year

Just like us humans, plants change over time and many varieties will reach the end of their lifecycle at some point. Now is an ideal time to remove any deceased plants or foliage that you know didn’t thrive last year. It will also help you see where there is space for new planting in a few weeks time. 

Tackle waterlogging

If you can carefully prong the ground (watch for bulb shoots) around any shrubs where the ground is heavy and waterlogged to improve drainage.

Poor drainage is one of the key reasons why gardens become soggy during winter months. If waterlogging is not managed efficiently it could result in long-term damage for lawns and pathways so it pays off to take action early on! 

Pronging helps open up compacted ground around shrubs or trees, enabling excess water to run-off. It also promotes better aeration leaving healthier soil beneath. 

Keep an eye out for any bulbs that may already be shootting – disturbing them at this stage may prevent them from flowering healthily come spring.

Take an edger to the lawns to maintain definition

Make sure those crisp lines between lawns are maintained during mowing season by using an edger tool along pathways or flowerbeds. This ensures neatness whilst boosting overall curb appeal! This job should only take a few minutes now but makes such a difference later in the year. 

Shape woody shrubs with secateurs

Woody shrubs can have a tendency to become a bit unruly during winter weather. Now's a great time give these a little grooming with small pruning shears like secateurs.

Love your lawn 

If areas of your lawn are heavy or sitting under water, again prong the ground with a fork to assist drainage. You don`t need to be too concerned about general lawn condition at the moment. That’s a spring job and requires the temperature to rise before we can get cracking. When they do, grab your tools because its time to turn lifeless grass patches into lush carpets!

Prep your pots

If you have old pots stacked on your patio maybe consider clearing these out as stagnant water may form here. Here's another tip: Pots are usually stacked away around this time of year but remember puddles or pools of standing water forming within old containers can lead mildew issues later on. Before you use your pots in spring it’s well worth giving them a good clean. 

A new broom sweeps clean

Sweep corners of your patios, driveways, paths and porches to clear dead leaves/debris that has accumulated over winter. Dead leaves build up quickly over winter months (no matter how hard we try to keep them cleared!) so sweeping once every couple of weeks keeps things shipshape! This also prevents mould or fungus spores from settling in cracks.

Check drains for leaves

Clogged drains are the cause of yet another unwelcome,and avoidable, task during harsh weather conditions so double check drains are free from debris .

Snap happy

Finally, get snap happy in your garden all year round. 

Photos show you how far you have come and keep you motivated when it’s cold and wet!

How CJ Garden Services can help get you off to a great start

If the thought of getting out in the garden during the last weeks of winter isn’t filling you with joy, have a chat with Claire to find out how we can help.

From vegetation clearance and soft landscaping to a full design and planting service, the choice is yours. We can even help you with regular maintenance throughout the summer, so all you have to worry about is enjoying time in the garden.