Top tips for commercial landscaping in winter!

November 13, 2023

To ensure your commercial property looks attractive all year round, you must adopt a winter landscaping plan. After all, your commercial property or office is the ‘shop window’ to your business and needs to look its best.

Failing to take proper care of your grounds before the winter weather strikes could damage its ability to survive cold temperatures and snowfall that may follow. Then, when spring arrives, your grounds could desperately need help and attention.

Luckily, we have some winter landscaping tips for you to follow that will significantly benefit your commercial property’s appearance and save you time and money in the long run.

Tips for commercial landscaping in winter

Remove dead leaves

If your property is near trees, your grounds will quickly become covered by leaves during the autumn. This is damaging to your lawn as the leaves block out sunlight and prevent growth, so it’s essential that the dead leaves are frequently removed.

Prune Perennials

Perennials such as lavender, sedum, and geranium suffer during cold temperatures, so it’s best to cut them back before winter arrives. Looking after your perennials by removing decaying material and fungal growth will ensure they return healthily in the spring.

Trim Your Trees

When temperatures drop during winter, trees become dormant. Dormant months run from November to March, depending on the weather. During the dormant season, trees have no leaves, so are able to close their wounds quicker and any pests are less likely to be active.  Adding fertiliser to trees boosts their resistance to insects and disease during winter and into early spring. If you can, wrap the trunks and bases of smaller trees with materials such as polypropylene to protect and prevent damage.

Plant and protect now for next spring

Many plants, shrubs, and perennials as well as bulbs including daffodils, crocus, hyacinths and tulips thrive and do well when they are planted in autumn. Planting now allows them to bed in before temperatures plummet during colder months and fight off harmful frost. Planting now also means they will emerge as strong and healthy plants in spring to enhance the general appearance of your commercial property and grounds. But it’s essential that plants are insulated with as much mulch as possible so they survive the winter.

Protect your water source

Frozen pipes and sprinklers that serve your commercial landscape can be expensive to fix when they burst. You can avoid this happening by taking a few simple steps to prepare for the winter months. Ensure that hoses, pipes and fountains are properly drained so they do not become damaged. Clean and clear leaves from your gutters to prevent standing water from freezing and damaging drainage systems.

How we can help with your commercial garden maintenance

Are you responsible for the maintenance of commercial grounds and gardens? 

At CJ Garden Services we work with clients who need assistance up-keeping grounds and gardens, need one-off site clearances, or have a space that needs sprucing up. 

All our staff are fully trained and will be wearing our CJs uniform when they arrive on-site. Rest assured that we are fully compliant, carrying a full waste carriers licence and recycling all green waste.

To find out more about how we can help with your commercial garden maintenance, please get in touch with us today.