Tips for getting your garden summer ready

July 9, 2024

As barbecue season approaches and outdoor celebrations beckon, it’s time to transform your garden into the perfect setting for creating unforgettable summer memories. Whether you’re gearing up to host a barbecue, celebrating with an outdoor gathering, or looking to create a vibrant summer playground for your children, it’s time to start creating a venue ready for summer fun.

With major sporting events like Wimbledon, the Euros, and the 2024 Olympics this summer, there’s no better time to get your outdoor space into shape. Picture yourself cheering on your favourite dream while enjoying a refreshing drink in the sunshine—your garden can be the perfect venue.

Let's explore a few quick wins to prepare your garden for summer.

Garden Tidy Up

We’ve all been there. After a long, wet, and windy winter, we plan an outdoor gathering only to find our garden isn’t quite how we left it last summer. To get your garden back in shape, start by taking a good look around and remove any plants and shrubs that can’t be saved.

Inspect your children’s play equipment, such as trampolines and playhouses, to ensure they are still safe to use. Make sure that your garden furniture looks comfortable and enticing. Use a soft brush with mild detergent to remove any dirt or mildew from your furniture. For wooden tables and chairs, you can consider sanding them down and applying a fresh coat of paint and varnish to make them look brand new. We’re all for recycling and doing the best for our environment.

Check if your fences withstood the winds or if it’s time to invest in new fence panels. If you need to create some safe, durable pathways or a more sustainable driveway for your expectant guests.

If you have a date set in your diary and not much time to transform your garden into the ultimate outdoor venue, we are here to help. Our soft landscaping solutions can bring your garden back to life and provide a safe, beautiful haven to enjoy the summer months ahead.


Do you have an idea of how you would like to use your garden this summer but not sure what steps to take to achieve it? The best approach is to have a clever design that maximises your space and budget while getting what you want out of your new outdoor space. Small actions can go a long way, such as the use of lighting to highlight key areas of the garden to show off its best qualities. Water features and other decorative pieces can add a touch of personality and help to create ambience.

Another crucial element in designing the perfect summer garden is safety, especially when considering barbecues and firepits. Create a safe area for these features, away from any children’s playground equipment and a safe distance from plants and shrubs that could be damaged. Additionally, consider the materials used. For instance, if you enjoy bonfires, barbecues, or fire pits, you might opt for a patio area instead of decking, or garden walls instead of fences.

Are you looking to transform your garden with a makeover? Our team loves turning gardens into functional and enjoyable spaces. With our garden design and planning service, we take care of planting and borders, turfing, fencing, mowing, and weed control. What’s more, we will responsibly dispose of any waste. As licensed waste carriers, we take the hassle out of waste removal, saving you time and effort, and leaving you to enjoy your new summer haven.


Once you’ve got your garden how you like it, you need to keep it vibrant all summer, so a good maintenance routine is essential. Healthy-looking plants and lawns need to regularly watering. Early morning and evening are best for watering to enable plants to absorb the water more efficiently.

In addition to watering, plants and shrubs need regular pruning to keep them looking their best and prevent the spread of infections. Different plants have different pruning requirements, so take the time to research their needs for a long, healthy life.

Having a summer ready garden is not an easy task, especially keeping track of the all the daily maintenance jobs. Whether you need a hand with a one-off job getting your garden summer ready or more regular visits to help with those tasks that eat into your precious spare time, we have it covered.

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