Mid-winter doesn't have to be bleak

December 1, 2021

It’s that time of year. Gone are the summer pots in all their glorious colour. The leaves turned a stunning array of autumn colours before falling to the ground. Christmas is just a few short weeks away and thoughts have turned to hanging Christmas lights, wreaths and decorations. 

But there’s no need for mid-winter in the garden to be bleak. There are still plenty of plants that will add swathes of colour to your garden whilst helping the winter pollinators that are still out and about. 

Here are a few ideas to consider.

Winter climbers

Hardy varieties of clematis, jasmine and honeysuckle will add colour and height to your garden. Some of these hardy climbers will later produce berries that the birds and wildlife will enjoy. 

Hardy climbers often need very little maintenance save for a supportive structure to grow on. If you do need to manage their size they can be pruned after they have finished flowering. 

Pots and baskets

Using pots, or even hanging baskets, during the winter is a great way to add colour whilst allowing you the flexibility to move them around is necessary - for example the arrival of severe storms. 


Winter pansies bloom large striking flowers with beautiful, deep colours. A personal favourite is the lush deep purple reminiscent of a well known chocolate brand. 


Daphne is another good choice for pots and borders although these will usually flower a little later in winter than pansies. 

Borders and naturalising grassy areas

Winter flowering heathers are available in a stunning array of colours and, due to their ground covering spread will help inhibit weed growth. What’s more, the small, simple flowers are popular with pollinators.


Snowdrops, cyclamen and winter aconites can be planted under grassy areas or beneath trees and will provide a delicate carpet of beauty during late winter and into early spring. Indeed, the arrival of the first snowdrops is often a sure sign that spring is on its way.

Not forgetting the holly and the ivy

Synonymous with Christmas, holly and ivy will add traditional colour and lush greenery to a winter garden. Ivy has a reputation for getting out of hand, taking over the garden and damaging brickwork and fences. However, regular and careful management can prevent damage and keep growth controlled within the areas you choose. 

Do you need a helping hand?

If you’d like help managing your garden and planting for a colourful winter, get in touch with Claire today, simply call 023 8063 2600 or email claire@cjgs.uk