Make a fresh start in the Garden

January 16, 2024

January's top maintenance tips for the year ahead

Looking out at your bleak garden, the thought of gardening in this cold, wet weather might not be top of your to do list. However, with Spring months around the corner, now is a great time to plan for the upcoming gardening year. What's more, after all of the rain and wind, it's important to check that your plants are still protected and all of the precautionary measures are still doing their job. 


January is a great time to give your plants a little trim for them to grow their best in the coming year. Just be mindful not to go overboard when it's particularly cold outside, so you don't end up causing any lasting harm. Most types of roses should be pruned around January time before the leaves start to emerge. Remove any dead, damaged or diseased stems. For fruit trees like apples and pears, cutting away crowded or weak branches will help them grow better and improve the fruit later in the year.

Getting Spring Ready

It’s a dirty job but cleaning out your greenhouse, pots, and water butts is crucial to preparing your garden for spring. Whether your greenhouse is made of glass or plastic, giving it a thorough clean will improve the growing environment for your plants. By removing algae, moss, and grime, you allow more light in and help control pests and diseases. It's recommended to clean out your water butt once a year, as standing water in butts can turn green with algae and may become a source of waterborne root rots.

Look after wildlife

During this chilly and damp period, keep your bird feeders regularly topped up with a variety of seeds and nuts. Leave certain perennials, like Asters and Teasels, uncut, allowing birds to feed on the seed heads throughout the rest of the winter months. Check that birds have access to an ample supply of water for both drinking and bathing. Consider specific seed types and perennial choices to attract different bird species to your garden.  If you find that your fish pond has frozen over, avoid smashing the ice. Instead, melt the ice gently with hot water to prevent any harm to your fish.

Planting in January

Welcome the new year by starting to grow your own plants indoors for the upcoming months! Get a head start if you enjoy growing tropical plants like chillies and aubergines, by sowing seeds early in January increasing the likelihood of a good crop. Just keep in mind that early seed sowing requires a bit of patience. With low light levels and high indoor temperatures, seedlings may become weak and collapse. To avoid these issues, make sure to thoroughly clean everything that comes into contact with seedlings and opt for quality peat-free seed compost.  To give your seedlings the best chance of success, consider investing in some additional equipment like a propagator or greenhouse.

Do you need help for the year ahead?

Despite the dreary view of your garden in the current cold and wet weather, it's the perfect time to start planning for the upcoming gardening year with spring on the horizon. With our help, we can create a thriving, low-maintenance garden based on your likes and needs. 

Once your garden has been planted, keeping on top it throughout the year can be demanding, with so many jobs from cutting, pruning, mowing and raking. Our expert and reliable team are happy to help and can provide the perfect solution for you. 

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