Inspirational ideas from the Chelsea Flower Show

May 7, 2024

Four ways to create a showstopping outdoor space

It’s that time of year, where gardeners far and wide eagerly await to see the latest garden trends and inspirational designs at the Chelsea Flower Show. Whether attending in person or watching TV highlights, it is a must see if you enjoy beautiful spaces and gardens that spark imagination.

Fun fact: Did you know that the first Chelsea Flower Show was held in 1913? It is one of Britain’s largest and most prestigious flower shows. The Great Pavilion is roughly 2.9 acres, enough to park 500 London buses!

The show hosts remarkable gardeners with truly mind-blowing ideas. Due to the huge scale and cost, most of us could only dream of recreating such designs in our own gardens. However, it provides a source of inspiration for capturing the imagination and using affordable elements within our own gardens.

A standout message throughout the show was, no matter the size, every garden has the potential to become an outdoor haven. Let's look at some of the take aways from last year’s show that can be realistically implemented on a smaller scale.

Inspiring ideas for small gardens

Last year’s show highlighted that a beautiful haven can be created in the smallest of spaces. If you are working with limited planting space, consider planters, stacked pots, and pergolas for climbing plants and hanging baskets. And even growing your own veg isn’t off limits. Why not try growing them vertically? It saves space, time, and money. You could create a growing structure using willow or bamboo, or even try along a fence. Cucumbers, peas, tomatoes, and pumpkins are just some of the veg that are perfect for this.

A haven for wellbeing

A key factor to creating a haven for wellbeing is the feeling of ‘getting away’ and being transported somewhere else. Everyone’s idea of tranquillity and a safe haven is different. The sound of running water may be deeply relaxing to you, so a water feature would be ideal. For others, it may be sights and smells that create their perfect sanctuary, so planting choices would be a key consideration. When designing your perfect garden, you need to consider your lifestyle and what you want to get from it.

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Wildlife friendly gardening

At CJ Garden Services, we believe that what we all do in our own gardens can make a valuable contribution to the environment. Although technically “our space” we are all part of a shared space with all the wildlife and insects within it. You can make your garden look good whilst providing shelter, protection, and food sources for wildlife. Planting pollinator friendly plants like lavender, hollyhock and cosmos will attract a variety of bees. And it’s not just plants that help. Creating features such as log piles, hedgehog boxes and bee hotels also bring nature into your garden.


In today's eco-conscious world, it is becoming more evident that we all have a responsibility towards sustainability. From planting choices and water management through to using battery powered equipment, every little goes a long way to enhancing sustainability.

• Embracing native plants means choosing species that naturally thrive in your area, requiring minimal maintenance and less water once established. These plants not only deter pests and weeds but also attract beneficial wildlife like bees and butterflies, aiding in pollination and pest control.

• To conserve water, opt for drip irrigation and water during cooler times of the day, while using permeable materials like gravel for paving and mulching to retain soil moisture.

• Transitioning to energy-efficient battery-powered equipment reduces emissions and noise pollution, further enhancing ecological sustainability.

• Making sure to use reliable waste management protects our environment and local community whilst also ensuring stay on the right side of the law. You don’t want any unwanted fines or legal headaches, by unknowingly using an unlicensed provider. CJ Garden Services are a fully licenced waste carrier, giving you the confidence that your waste is being responsibly disposed.

Do you need a helping hand?

Hopefully you are now feeling inspired and brimming with ideas. You want to get started, but not quite sure how and what to do next. Let us bring your garden vision to life and create a space you'll love to spend time in. Call Claire on 02380 632600 to discuss your gardening needs and receive a free, no obligation quote.