How to care for your garden in hot weather

July 19, 2022

As the UK is hit by record breaking high temperatures, it seemed a good time to share some of our top tips for caring for your garden in hot weather. 

Water after sun down

Whilst I’m loath to use the term drought, there can be no doubt that we’ve had quite a long period without much in the way of substantial rainfall and that’s going to be affecting your garden.

In particular, pots and containers dry out quickly so will need lots of TLC and water once the sun has gone down, or your garden is in shade. Rainwater really does seem to contain magical ingredients that plants love so, if you are able, set up water butts to harvest rain water throughout the year ready for use in summer. 

I can’t stress enough how important it is not to water when the sun is shining on your garden - you will damage your plants and they won’t benefit from the hosing. 

If you’re heading off on holiday, this article has some tips for watering when you’re away.

Help the wildlife

Natural water sources are becoming harder for wildlife to find - especially in urban areas or where property development means the natural habitat is being built on. With this in mind, providing water sources in your garden has the double benefit of attracting more wildlife to your garden whilst also helping them to stay healthy.

This infographic has some fabulous ideas for ways to help wildlife in your garden. 


Protect children and animals

The increasing popularity of artificial grass is a particular bugbear of ours. Not only does it reduce the natural habitat for wildlife but, in our opinion it just isn’t as nice as real grass. What is better than seeing a lush green lawn from your window?

However, we do understand that some people choose artificial grass for its low maintenance and family friendly aspects. 

Until the sun shines that is!

As this image (source unknown) shows, artificial grass gets far hotter than real grass. This means children and animals can hurt themselves playing out - even if it’s been in a shady area. 

Couple that with hot paving or decking, and your garden could become quite a hazard for your furry friends and youngsters. 

As it seems increasingly likely that climate change is going to bring hotter summers, it’s with giving serious consideration to creating plenty of shade in your garden and, when the time comes to replace your artificial turf (nothing lasts forever!), speak to us about natural grass alternatives that can still offer hardwearing properties for animals and children, without the risk factors of artificial grass. 

Let things go a little wild!

Don’t worry if your garden gets a little wild in the heat. Pollinators and other wildlife will love you for leaving your garden to its own devices until the heatwave passes. Alternatively, give us a call and book a slot for the team to come and tidy things up for you. 

Do you need help planning a garden for all seasons?

If you need help planning a garden design that works for all seasons, or if you’d like help maintaining your garden, please get in touch. The team would be delighted to hear from you.