July 19, 2019

A query we always get from our clients is what they should do with the borders in their garden.


I want to let you into a secret of what I call my ‘Evergreen Framework’…


Whenever planning what to plant in a border, I always follow this process:


1. Get an A4 piece of paper and draw your border - If you can’t draw to scale, just work 1cm = 1m.


2. Work out which way your border faces? Then, do an internet search for the plants and shrubs you would like and make sure they are suitable for your border, don’t put something in a North facing border that needs full sun.


3. The biggest thing is not planting too close together - Add your shrubs in, draw them as if viewed from above and work out how many you can have based on your scaled measurements and the average size of the plant or shrub.


4. Then consideration the following:

·        Evergreen plants – think about the Winter months, evergreens are essential.

·        Colour and seasons – plan for interest in each season.

·        Maintenance – how much time do you have for pruning/trimming etc?

·        What size to buy – do you want an instant garden or do you want to watch it grow?

·        Rule of three – side on view 1m, 60cm, 30cm.

·        Leave some room for seasonal bedding/bulbs - I always leave a 25 cm gap at the front.


Take a look at the diagram below for an example and have a go yourself.


OR - look out on our Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages for an upcoming offer for a free personalised border design drawing!

Good luck!

Claire :-)

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