4 plants to protect this winter

December 1, 2021

This autumn may have got off to a gentle start but Storm Arwen resulted in a sudden and dramatic dip in the late autumn temperatures. If you hadn’t prepared your garden for the colder days ahead, now’s the time to do so.

In this article Claire shares how to care for 4 common garden plants this winter to ensure they are in fine form next spring. 

Olive trees

Native to sunny and warm Mediterranean countries, olives are a common and pretty addition to many gardens in the UK and will often do well. But when winter arrives and temperatures fall, these mediterranean beauties will need a little extra help. 

If your olive is potted it’s easy to move it somewhere sheltered - ideally into a greenhouse. If you don’t have a greenhouse you can still protect your olive tree by wrapping the pot to protect the roots against freezing, and cover the plant with fleece. 


Many of these stunning architectural plants are actually quite hardy. If your cordylines have plain green or cream variegated leaves the plants will be reasonably hardy. However, if your plants have striped or red tinted leaves they may need a little more TLC - especially if you are in a very exposed area of the UK. 


The easiest way to protect your cordylines is to gently tie the leaves into an upright branch and then wrap them in fleece or hessian. 

Citrus trees

Similar to the olives, lemon, lime and orange citrus trees are a stunning addition to the garden but don’t love the cold UK winters. The ideal solution is to bring them indoors for the winter. If space is an issue then a conservatory or porch may be sufficient but it’s probably a good idea to wrap the pot to protect the roots from frost, and protect the plants with a fleece. 

Tender perennials

This covers a host of common perennial plants including cannas, dahlias, gladioli, begonias and the like. Once the first frosts have brought growth to a halt it’s time to gently lift the roots and tubers. They can be stored in a cool but frost free place over the winter and replanted once the risk of frosts have passed. 

Do you need a helping hand?

If you need help managing your garden and preparing it for the colder months, get in touch with Claire today, simply call 023 8063 2600 or email claire@cjgs.uk